Intel Signs Strategic MOU to Develop Innovative VR/AR Solutions

Oct. 22, 2019,? What’s New:?Today, Intel is working to develop 5G-based virtual reality (VR), 3D and 360-degree content development platforms for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022 and the Olympic Games Paris 2024. To help create these experiences, Intel signed a strategic memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Sky Limit Entertainment (SoReal).

“As a worldwide TOP Olympic Partner, Intel is committed to help bring technologies including AI, 5G platforms and VR into the Olympic Games to provide innovative experiences for athletes, participants, spectators and stadium operators, as well as demonstrating how technology promotes successful business transformation. This MOU will help to develop 5G-based VR/AR immersive experiences for Olympics fans. Intel is focused on technologies that can enhance connections and experiences at the Olympic Games. We are committed to drive innovation into the Olympic Games through 5G technologies and platforms that are paving the way to develop gigabit connectivity, solutions for more immersive viewership experiences, cutting-edge smart city applications and advanced broadcasting services. Working with an organization with deep expertise in VR/AR-related technology development as well as VR/AR content production, combined with Intel’s VR/AR expertise and 5G technology, we are confident in helping to bring more immersive experiences to participants.”
–Rick Echevarria, Intel vice president in the Sales and Marketing Group and general manager of Intel’s Olympics Program

How?This Collaboration will?Deliver Technology:?Using Intel? Core™ and Intel? Xeon? processors and other Intel products, the collaboration between Intel and SoReal will develop 5G-technology-enhanced virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) content solutions to help bring more immersive experiences to the Olympics. The strategic MoU involves five aspects:

  • Develop 5G-based VR/AR solutions:?To bring these virtual and augmented content experiences to life, research will be conducted on dynamic allocation architecture of rendering servers, data compression and decoding on different networks; VR gaming mixed frame synchronization; and other related technologies. Significant optimization is required in management and clients to bring interactive VR experiences into reality in the 5G era.
  • Design and produce 360-dgree VR/AR content related to competition and sports events; develop supporting facilities including software, hardware and system integration:?Development of a VR chair-, VR cube-, VR magic box-related hardware and software solutions to provide audiences with the most advanced VR gaming, VR sports and VR broadcasting experiences.
  • Provide VR/AR experiences and training assistance to Olympic athletes:?Develop a VR sports simulator-related product to provide VR/AR experiences and training assistance to Olympic athletes.
  • Plan, operate, broadcast and promote VR/AR esports events:?Based on the Intel technology referenced above, plans are underway to operate broadcasts and promote future VR/AR esports events.
  • Build a VR/AR theme park:?Development of a VR/AR theme park (SoReal VR&AR International E-Sports Centre) at Shougang campus and creation of a cutting-edge VR/AR sport industry center, which is close to the Olympic Big Air venue and Olympic winter sports training centers, to provide audiences a top-notch experience among VR esports, VR sports games and VR broadcasting industries.

Why It’s Significant:?The Olympic Games are a global sports event and a high-scale platform to demonstrate core technologies of Intel and its partners, like SoReal. These core technologies will help bring new experiences for hosting countries, worldwide athletes, participants and billions of global spectators, leveraging the power of computing and accelerating the influence of connected technologies.

Since becoming a Worldwide Olympic Partner in 2017, Intel is committed to promoting the transformation of the Olympic Games and related experiences by working with partners to develop and deploy innovative technologies, helping to bring a more efficient Olympics broadcasting model, support for a smarter athlete training and smart broadcasting experiences. This cooperation is not only an exploration into VR/AR technology and application in the 5G era, but it will also enable new Olympic experiences via innovative technologies and help spread the Olympic spirit to every corner in the world. 網站文章僅限于提供更多信息,不代表本網站立場觀點。如需轉載,請注明來源 。轉載之文章來源于互聯網,如有版權問題,請與我們聯系。

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